Sparkle in the Simple

Hello there. I’m Lai and I’m typing these words away giddily and excitedly at the same time. Much like seeing that special someone and realizing he/she is the one.

I’ve been blogging sporadically the past few years. My last blog entry on my old blog is here.

When I became a mother a year ago, my life was changed forever.

Before the baby, I used to hoard all things colourful and pretty. I loved the vibrant and dainty stuff, from my wardrobe down to my choice of home decors and trinkets. I used to try out all the trending creative hobbies in social media, collecting supplies in the process which only accumulated dust in one corner of our bookshelf.

I also used to have more time for all the things and every activity in the world. Time to read, time to binge-watch,  time to craft, time to capture the pink sunset, time for ministry, time to dilly-dally. Time I wished I had spent well if I’m being honest.


When I gave birth to my son two Springs ago, I was never the same. The first cry told me everything I needed to know about motherhood: less of me, more of him. The first year taught me one thing I needed to do to survive this crazy but beautiful journey while juggling work, home-making and creative pursuits: SIMPLIFY.

I found it extremely hard to parent intentionally and carve out time for myself and for the things that matter most when I had to deal with vicious clutter in the household. Suddenly, the accumulation of stuff wasn’t appealing anymore. Hobbies were trimmed down to those that fired up my soul and fueled my heart. I found myself wanting less stuff, less social activities, fewer hobbies.

And so the past couple of months, my heart has been pursuing simplicity, practising minimalism and embracing “less is more.” I have purged and purged and purged. I have lessened our social activities so we could have more family time. I have downplayed the colors in our new house from vibrant to neutral and soft tones as much as I could. I have carefully chosen my yeses and given my nos without guilt.

Because really, less is more. And there’s a lovely sparkle to all things simple. There’s a sense of freedom and space.

In celebration of this new season of unearthing the sparkle in the simple (and shall I say, a toddler sleeping through the night), I registered my very first domain name and created this minimal, more intentional blog to document my journey.

I have been working on this site for the past month with a trembling heart but with high hopes that this pursuit of simplicity will bring forth something good. f you’re desiring simplicity as a working woman, as a mommy, and as a creative, please do drop by and visit me here.


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