Instagram’s Best Nine of 2017

I love Instagram. Being a visual person myself, it’s my ultimate go-to social media when I’m craving for visual inspiration. If you have followed my IG account (thank you, thank you), you know by now that I share my creative pursuits on Instagram more than I do on Facebook.

Over time, my Instagram has evolved from more than just an account of my little life stories to being the avenue where I share my creative pursuits, interests and hobbies just for the pure joy of getting them shared and seen.

I love Facebook because it connects you to people you actually know in real life but Instagram connects you to so many amazing people outside of your friends and family circles. It connects you to those whose interests and hobbies resonate with yours. It connects you to a community you’ve been longing for, albeit virtually.

Just before the year ends, there’s this thing on Instagram called best nine which summarizes your nine most liked photos.  Let me take this chance to open up a bit of my creative self on Facebook and share these images with you my dear friends.

2017 Best Nine (including the captions)

1. Kitchen – “That moment of perfect order which only lasts long enough for you to capture it. Want to freshen up your kitchen? Purge and add some indoor plants. Keep only what is functional and what sparks joy as #konmari preaches it.”

2. Another kitchen scene – “Sunshine and indoor plants in my kitchen = JOY.”

3. The hallway on Christmas – “Decorated the hallway as simple and as minimal as possible.”

4. My gardener self  – “I truly believe in another life and time, I was a gardener.”

5. Another hallway situation – “Our hallway, the only finished spot in our house until I go into decorating frenzy again moving stuff here and there.”

6. The Good List – “Joining @erinloechner ‘s #thegoodlist on a Monday morning because I need to cultivate gratitude the most on this day. The good list: – the smell of real Christmas tree, free wooden blocks for the little one, sofa finally, after six months, our #scandinavianinspired / #minimal living room slowly coming along together, these two human beings.”

7. Montessori-Inspired Play Area – “Our desire as a family is to live with minimal stuff in a minimal home with a minimal time of managing and tidying up which in turn, free us time and money to pursue the things that are more nurturing for us as a family.  In the process of toy decluttering, I came across Montessori-inspired home setups and had let go boxes and boxes of plastic and electronic toys which aren’t helping my toddler. Lesser toys mean more creativity, more concentration, more respect for toys. Just a week of having this less cluttered space and we’ve already seen big changes in my toddler’s attitude. With guidance, he has learned to tidy up because with lesser toys, he knows which shelf the toy goes into!”

8. Hallway mirror – “We installed a huge mirror in the hallway because I got out of the house with a sticky thing on my hair one time too many. The sticky thing being: food, baby body fluids, err.. don’t ask.  At least now, I have a tool to check ’em out before I dash out of the door.”

9. My cheeky toddler – “Cabinet destruction phase. No, our house isn’t always tidy (with an active, curious and cheeky toddler, I wish!). Yes, this too, shall pass (hopefully soon, before I lose my mind!)”

If you are one of those who clicked that tiny heart and left a comment or two on my Instagram, thank you. See you in 2018!


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