A Simple & Minimal Home

Two years ago, we stretched our faith and purchased our very first house. It was a feeling like no other when we were given three sets of keys in a small white box that allowed us access and ownership to the three-floor, three-bedroom house we had just committed thirty years of our lives and hopes into.

A life of excess

Before living the dream, we were hopping almost every winter season from one apartment to another until our little boy was born. The last apartment we lived in was full to the brim of our stuff, of both the essentials and the excess, with the latter unreasonably and overwhelmingly aplenty.

I remember myself and R spending a whole day organizing, tidying and cleaning up a one-bedroom apartment on weekends while keeping a little baby boy, our sanity and our marriage alive. A day in a weekend was fifty-two days in a year. Something had to change.

I used to be a hoarder. My clothes totaled to maybe three hundred, books to a hundred, craft materials and other non-essential items to hundreds kept in the most unlikely crevices of our place. You get the picture—we owned too much stuff. At least I did.

We both agreed that this lifestyle of excess had to stop and would not be carried forward to the new house. We wanted to craft a home that was simple, minimal and easy to maintain if we wanted to spend time with people who mattered, doing things that mattered.

A Simple and Minimal Home

“A home with fewer possessions is: more spacious, more calming and more focused on the people who live inside it.”

~ Joshua Becker

Simple and Minimal. That’s the vision. That’s the dream. That is the means to an end—a life with more time for things that matter with people who matter.

So the past two years, we have ruthlessly purged and let go hundreds and hundreds of things— clothing, shoes, accessories, bags, toys, plates, just about everything. You can see the beginning of our journey here and progress in my Instagram.

Here I am sharing you a glimpse of what it looks like to have a simple and minimal home, a home free of distractions and filled with things that we actually use and need, and things which spark joy as Marie Kondo puts it.

I have to let you know that minimalism will differ from one person to another, from one family to another. This is our journey so far, our home two years after we decided to take the simplicity route. We are still work in progress but we have been reaping the benefits of owning less.

If you are craving for simplicity too and feel the excess burdening you, why don’t you take a moment to imagine the kind of home you want and why you want it? Start with why. Define it. Commit to it. Only then you will progress to the hows.

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