On Fall Traditions (& Halloween)

The leaves are marvelously changing colors and the crops in season (yes to you pumpkins and apples) are ripe for harvest. Meanwhile, the October Fest and Halloween are still living up to their festive traditional standings marking the season of fall.

I never accorded too much thought and research on traditions until the addition of a little human being in my life. And it seems to me that I have been making choices on which traditions my family will show up to, with or without costumes, from the time I heard someone else’s heart beating alongside mine.

The Pumpkin Way

This fall, same with the previous year, we went the pumpkin way to celebrate this beautiful season and enjoyed a refreshing day outdoor with our toddler, mud, dirt and all. We went to this lovely pumpkin patch over the weekend because we believe everyone with little kids should have a yearly photo with the pumpkins just as you would with a Christmas tree!

Here are some of the memories made and captured on that day:

Location: Alright Pumpkin, Co. Meath

Last year, my boys carved a happy face out of a plump pumpkin we handpicked from this farm which I lighted up by the doorway not for Halloween but for the appreciation of autumn. Aren’t you amazed by the warm colors brought by nature? I had a suspicion it was the only smiling pumpkin in the country on the night of trick or treating.

Also, another fall tradition we love? Collecting autumn leaves! It’s more fun with a toddler, but that is another story for another time.

On Halloween

In case you asked where we stand on Halloween, it is right this way. But if kids showed up at the door because we have one or two cute smiling pumpkins glowing by the door and autumn leaves for a wreath, we would gladly fling our door open and forage for some treats in the kitchen drawer.

My take is simply this: We can all argue for the traditions we choose to participate in, but we must not throw judgment away like confetti to someone else’s way. We can always choose what we make out of these traditions. And we can always, always, choose to be the kind ones—the kind neighbor, the kind colleague, the kind friend.

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