The Good List on Sick Days

We spent the past two cold days and nights of December measuring temperature, pressing cold compress on a warm forehead, rocking and shushing a clingy toddler to sleep. We offered prayers for healing, begging with a hundred pleases, surrendering with plentiful amens.

The feverish state began Saturday night and carried on till Monday. When the toddler had fallen asleep in the arms of his dad on Monday afternoon, it was a much-needed respite, a much-sought-for peace after the storm. The temperature had finally gone down (for good in hindsight). I returned to my desk, answered a few e-mails and worked on my spreadsheets.

Hours after, I emerged from my study and snapped photos for a break, trying to see the beauty and grace nestled between these difficult, albeit fleeting days.

The Good List – the list of things I’m grateful for:

—The twinkling of lights strung in a forest-cut tree, a reminder of this sweet season we call Christmas, and the REASON for the season.

— The rising up and down of a little one’s chest, peace on his face, relief on his dad’s. Our little boy fought this episode well. We didn’t have to visit the doctor. He has, by God’s grace, never saw one this year.

—The comforts of play between moments when the temperature dipped low. The assurance of a little technology called digital thermometer we carried around the house for days, and the man who insisted years ago that we bought it just in case.

— The beautiful 5 PM sunset by the window worthy of a pause and slow, deep breaths of gratitude. How many times I have forgotten that we were never promised another sunrise, another sunset. Thanking the heavens for ‘today’ in spite of the circumstances it arrived at my door.

We are slowly getting back to the daily grinds, finishing some work deadlines and sorting out the forgotten laundry in the middle of the mayhem. Still, our hearts are full and our perspectives changed for the better.

Wishing you a merry Christmas. Pretty soon.

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