Words in Calligraphy: And The People Stayed Home

A good friend sent me this lovely poem by Kitty O’Meara that pretty much sums up our 2020.

If there’s any good the pandemic has done to us, it’s this: we are finally paying attention to ourselves, to our health, to our passions, to our loved ones, to our planet, to what matters most in the grander scheme of things.

One night, I picked up my calligraphy supplies collecting dust bunnies under my desk. For what felt like a long time, I wrote in strokes and pressure again, dipping my pen in and out of the ink bottle, staining my fingernails in the process.

Motherhood has made me put my calligraphy pursuit on hiatus but it hasn’t extinguished the desire to be inspired by words.

My calligraphy version has one tiny error (“And then” instead of “And the“), but I’m going to live with it.

And I Stayed Home

If I were to take the form of the poem, my version would be this:

And I stayed home. And read books, and wrote for my blog, and put my heart out there in the virtual world in the hope that I can help someone with a thing or two. And I woke up earlier and slept earlier. And I played with my son and taught him to read and count his blessings at night.

And I healed. I opened up my heart to my husband—the frustrations and resentments that build up in marriage (because marriage is hard work). And we annoyed and forgave each other. And we understood, appreciated, and loved each other better.

And when the danger passed, I made new choices and dreamed better and braver dreams. I paid more attention to what mattered. And the earth healed, as I had been healed.

What might your version be?

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