New Month and Hopes in Reopening

This is day 01/30 of June 2020 Blogging Challenge

I blink and it’s June. So hey, hello June.

There is something encouraging about June, don’t you think? Maybe it’s the warmer weather which, for someone who lived in the tropical country for most of my life, is like a warm hug from a good friend I haven’t seen in a long time. Maybe it’s the midyear mark which makes me hopeful that I can still make the most out of this year in spite of its pandemic reputation.

New Month, New Attempt

In my quiet time this morning, I feel this sense of newness so strong I can’t shake it off. I have been learning a good deal about myself in this time of isolation—what inspires and frustrates me, what keeps me awake at night and what prevents me from rising to my feet, what I can still stretch and what I can’t sacrifice in the name of passion and creativity and a job.

Reading Emily Freeman‘s words confirms what I have been praying about lately:

“Maybe that thing you most want to do, that thing you notice and think about and wish you could do — maybe you’re actually made for it and are being equipped to do it. Maybe now is the time to reimagine what it might look like to finally pursue it. Giving the world what you’ve got isn’t selfish, it’s generous.

And so for the month of June, I am giving myself permission to do just that—to giving the world what I’ve got and to opening up more and letting you have a peek on my messy and imperfect but grace-filled life.

I am making it a goal to show up here in this little blog of mine a little bit more to share what I know about simplifying/decluttering, faith, motherhood and all the other things I’m passionate about (books, plants, home decorating, photography, self-care, anyone?) (*_*)

Hopes on Reopening

On another note, the first of June is a holiday in Ireland which counts as an extra day to breathe and just be. My little family enjoys a day out on the beach and while my feet sink in the sand as we walk and maintain the distance, I wonder when this new normal will end.

Ireland is about to dip its feet in the second phase of its reopening plan. And while there are risks and uncertainties (pandemic or not, there will always be), when we look back in history, we know that the world has always endured a pandemic, has always found a vaccine, a solution, a way out.

As for me, I wake up every day and try with all my might to notice the little things I can be grateful for. For the last three months when life feels precarious and fragile and ordinary and mundane, cultivating gratitude has kept me grounded and hopeful.

May you stay hopeful too, dear friends.

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