Day 03/30 – Four Small Things We Can Do to Fight Racism

This is day 03/30 of June 2020 Blogging Challenge

You must have seen all the black squares which dominated social media as of late. You’ve read the hashtag #blacklivesmatter. You’ve probably watched the video which started it all.

Friends, this is when and where social media become powerful, meaningful, and useful. I have been listening and learning as of late about diversity and the fight against racism because of what I see in my feed.

Let’s not sweep this whole racism issue under the rug. There are some things we are meant to learn here and there are always small things we can do to help raise awareness, if not actions.

Here are four small steps we can do:


Residing in a foreign country for the past seven years where the color of my skin and my English accent are in the minority, racism is not an unfamiliar issue to me. However, I must admit I have developed my own biases and prejudices over the years. It’s time I have a change of heart.

I love this illustration by Danielle Coke, an immensely talented artist using her graphics and arts to promote justice and equality and loving God and neighbors well.


Another illustration from Danielle Coke, here is a good guide for us to take stock on how diverse and accepting our choices have been.


This tweet says what we need to know about anti-racism. I’m glad she says “we don’t need to pretend to be free of racism to be an anti-racist.”


I think this is the area where we, parents, can actively take on. Let’s not pass this responsibility to the school. Imagine how this world will look like if we, parents, can start the conversation about race, skin color, and how we are all the same with our kids when curiosities peak and questions arise.

Here is a brilliant, downloadable guide and resource on how kids view skin color and race from birth to age seven.

I hope what happened to George Floyd has sparked something in you as it has in mine. Let’s keep the conversation going.

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