Day 04/30 – I Thank God for Spring, a Gratitude Post

This is 04/30 of June 2020 Blogging Challenge

Spring has come. Spring has gone.

I thank God a pandemic has no power over the coming and going of spring. I thank God a pandemic has no power over many things.

Spring this year has taught me and has given me hope that things will happen in their own sweet time.

This spring when we have been mostly homebound, noticing the beauty of spring from our window and from our walks has been all more precious. We have often come home from our morning and weekend walks with gathered wildflowers in one hand, our faces a little flushed, our spirits more alive.

It’s also during this time of lockdown that I have become more intentional in cultivating gratitude and in giving thanks because if we pay enough attention, there is an abundance of things we can be thankful for with or without a pandemic.

Therefore, a list of things I’m grateful for this spring:

1. these wildflowers.

{for it was an exceptionally warm and sunny Saturday when we collected them along the seaside trail. If you’ve lived in Ireland for long, you will know what an exceptionally sunny day means to our sun-deprived souls.}

2. this spring story.

{because it tells of a child learning about his world.}

3. this white beauty in our front yard.

{and the husband who planted it.}

4. this walk beneath the canopy of cherry blossoms.

{and this little guy I’ve been bringing in this spot four springs now.}

5. these daffodils and this park in front of our house.

{because even if the area where we bought our house is slowly becoming congested, we will always have this green space to go to.}

Let’s keep our gratitude up, friends. I hope you can find things to be thankful for wherever you may be and however things might be going for you.

“Be cheerful no matter what; pray all the time; thank God no matter what happens.”
― Thessalonians
5:18 (The Message)

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