Day 05/30 – Words in Calligraphy: Breathe, Darling

This is day 05/30 of June 2020 Blogging Challenge

In my hope to improve my calligraphy skill (barely existing for now), I have started this series Words in calligraphy to document my journey in strokes and words. The first one is here.

How’s your anxiety level these days? How is mine, if you asked?

There have been some days as of late that I have completely forgotten about the pandemic. With the warmer and longer days brought by spring (gratitude post on spring over here), and now the summer, we have been able to shrug off this word that has become as regular as “hello” and “bye” in our daily vocabulary, even for a little while.

Hope is a word and an attitude I’d like to nurture more these days. I’d like to believe that this is just a chapter, not the whole story, a history in the making, yes, but also just a season in passing.

Alongside you, let’s take a deep breath together. Let’s inhale courage and exhale fear. Inhale gratitude and exhale discontent. Inhale hope and exhale hate.

On a side note, have you read this beautiful poem yet?

I have sent it to a few friends the moment I read it hoping to encourage them and not knowing what they are going through. Hoping these words will also encourage you to hold 2020 in your hand and re-examine how you have been handling it thus far.

Have a good weekend, friends. Be easy and gentle on yourself.

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