If You are Weary in the Waiting

A little encouragement for you if you are in the season of waiting. It’s not a beautiful place on the outside, but know that God is working in you and through you in the middle of the waiting, in the midst of what seems like a long, arduous journey.

I don’t know what you might be waiting for—it can be a dream job, a child to be conceived, a person to have and to hold, a financial breakthrough, or for a difficult season to pass. Know that even if we are losing hope, God was, is, and will always be faithful.

I hope these words comfort you today:

“If you are weary
in the waiting,
take whatever
strength you have left,
and run to the shores
of grace.
Arrive broken,
carrying your tapestries
made of worries,
and be willing
and ready
to lay it all down
at the feet of Jesus. 
― Morgan Harper Nichols

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