Calligraphy: Finding Meaning to Your Life

Here is a note to self when I’m feeling lost and getting swept and swayed away by the ways of this world. Or when I tend to look for approval and validation from someone other than my Creator. Or when I tend to find meaning outside God’s plan. Or when I’m hurting for reasons I can’t articulate.

I thank God for this reminder today, and always.

Maybe you are searching too. For meaning. For significance. For purpose. Might I suggest Jesus?

I remember a decade ago, I was feeling lost and downcast and insignificant. I didn’t know what I wanted other than I wanted the pain in my heart to go away.

A friend asked me one Thursday night if I wanted a rest and have some fellowship. I didn’t know what he meant by “fellowship” but I certainly needed a break from my own thoughts and drama so why not?

What could I possibly lose, I thought. I didn’t regret that I said yes to that invitation because I heard about Jesus in a different light for the first time in my life.

I didn’t look back since then. In Christ, I found everything else—meaning and purpose.

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