Lessons from a Failed Challenge

This post is a conclusion to the blogging challenge in June that I tried but failed to finish. I did publish 11 posts out of 30, and for that, I did give myself a pat on the back.

You may wonder why I dropped out of the challenge. Here is why:

Somewhere along the way, I felt burned out. I was writing and publishing, yes, but I was sacrificing so much family time and I was lacking in sleep and rest. I was still writing in drafts but decided that publishing every day was and is not sustainable for me.

So, I dropped out of the challenge.

The world moved on. I moved on.

I decluttered my home without sharing a single photo of the process for the rest of June. My house was lighter, my head was clearer. I had more time to be fully present in real life.

But I’ve learned these:

I’ve learned that writing makes my spirit soar in many ways I can’t fully articulate. It has always been therapeutic for me. It’s me connecting to a deeper part of my introvert self and making sense of the swirl of emotions and triumphs and trials that come my way.

I’ve learned the passions I wanted to keep pursuing with my limited time and resources.

I’ve learned what I wanted to share in my quest of simplifying my life and home, and what I wanted to keep in private.

I’ve also learned to check my heart’s motives in every single post I published.

I’ve learned (and I am still learning) how to use social media and online presence for good, how to keep boundaries, how to live 1% in the online world, and 99% in real life.

Because here is the thing:

I am living the most when I am offline the most.

Onto writing here again with a pruned heart. Onto hitting that “publish” button with better intentions.

On to prioritizing living my offline life, home, and relationships no matter what road I decide to walk on.

I will see you here again soon friends. đŸ™‚

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