Simple Things: Book Storage

Simple Things: A new series devoted to simple, minimal, and stylish solutions for our home, keeping in mind that the best solutions oftentimes do not cost much.

Books are present on all three floors of our house. While I advocate for them, I try to keep my physical book collection as minimal as I can.

When we moved into our house three years ago, we let go of two-thirds of our book collection. And from then on, it has been a constant audit of what books we enjoyed and can be passed on, and what can stay.

With that, I have also been exploring ways how to display and store books for me and the little one in a way that is both functional and beautiful.

When I saw this from Reading My Tea Leaves, I was sold. I started searching the web until I came across an advert for wine crates for €10 each. I haggled and came away with two wine crates for €10 instead, so yay!

Full instructions are up on Erin’s blog, but really, it’s so simple! I only needed to drill holes in one of the crates and I just wiped clean the other one. See the materials below for what you will need.


Two wine crates – (got mine for €10 for 2 pieces)
Felt chair pads – (got them in Woodies)
Twine – (got mine from a used paper bag)
Power drill to cut through the wine crate to make holes for the handles

Here’s my humble book collection in the living room a.k.a. favorite room in the house:

Here is Z’s extra book storage under his bed:

This storage solution is both sustainable and stylish. I like the part where it has stains and wear-and-tear marks. It gives character to the wood.

The possibility of wine crates is endless and I hope you can find some in your area too.

Happy Friday.


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